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Atrasis is the new CoC Private server that you can’t resist trying! Before Atrasis, you might have tried various Clash of Clans Private Server like Clash of Magic, Toxicland, Lightserver, CoCServer, Null’s Clash, Clash Hero, etc.

How to Download Atrasis APK? 

Without giving any pain you can find the direct link to download the Atrasis APK free without any ads or forcing you to subscribe. In Atrasis APk you start your village with 750 gold & elixir each along with 50000000 Gems. The game loads ample smooth and works without any error much. Though the game might reload few times when you start playing it.

Atrasis Start FoneTimes

Atrasis is a private server of one of the biggest mobile games, Clash of Clans. It allows you to obtain unlimited gems and resources. Atrasis APK Download is very easy by using the link mentioned below in this article.

Start the game with unlimited gems and resources to build the village of your dreams.

In-Game Commands

  • Attack your village.
  • Attack a generated village.
  • Unlock all skins.
  • Upgrade all your buildings.

Atrasis Name FoneTimes

Server List (Atrasis APK Download)

The Original Server is for people who want to have the same gaming experience as the Original Game. The Ultimate server offers some modes to spice up the gameplay.


  • +500K Users
  • Latest Game Version
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Clan Wars & Challenge
  • In-Game Commands
  • No Mods

Download APK



  • +2M Users
  • Latest Game Version
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Clan Wars & Challenge
  • In-Game Commands
  • Latest TownHall 

Download APK

    Message From Atrasis: Original Game will not get modified when you install Atrasis. There is therefore no security risk for your original account. So you can keep the original game.

    All Clan Features: Create your own clan, invite your friends, and fight against other clans. Our servers support all the clan features like clan wars, clan games, capitals, and more.

    • Clan Wars & Clan War Leagues
    • Clan Games
    • Clan Capitals

    Active Community: Our community is very active and participates in monthly season, clan wars, and other events. Join us to fight against other players and become the best in the game.

    • Monthly Season & Leaderboards

    In-Game Commands: Our servers support in-game commands that allow you to manage your account and your clan. You can use commands to attack specific and random bases, give yourself resources, and more.

    • Self & Random Base Attack
    • Give Resources
    • Give Troops & Spells

    Global Chat: Use our global chat to communicate with other players and share your base designs. Our chat is moderated by our staff and is a safe place to talk.

    • Moderated Chat
    • Share Base Designs
    • Share Tips & Tricks

    Below are the Commands that you can execute:

    You need to go to the News Section afterwards you will find the commands already listed so no need to type. Just click on it and there you go… Command executed.

    List of commands for attacks:

    • attack me: This allows you to attack your own village.
    • attack generate: Allows to attack a generated base.

    Commands for the village :

    • village max: Upgrade all buildings and traps to the maximum level permitted by Town Hall.
    • village obstacle: Removes all obstacles of the village.
    • reset village: bring everything to zero

    altrasis apk command


    List of commands for units and heroes :

    • unit max: Upgrade all units to the max level.
    • hero max: Upgrade all heroes to the max level.
    • hero reset: Reset all heroes level.

    Also, don’t forget to check out the other well-known APK(Clash of Souls, Miro Clash, ToxicLand, and Master Royale). Share in the comments what you have felt about this game and what other game you like to play.

    As it is available on a private server so you can have everything for free which you might be thinking to purchase on Clash of Clans by Supercell. You get every resource for free once you start playing the game.NOTE: Atrasis may restart or load several times. You must have a strong internet connection.  

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