What is Android GO? | New Android Oreo Android Go Edition | Boost Performance of your Smartphone By Installing Android Go

Android Go edition

As Android Oreo was launched, another edition of Oreo also came named “Android Go”. Now you might be thinking “What is Android Go?“. Today, I’ll share the information about Android Go and how it will boost your smartphone performance.

What is Android Go?

Google introduce not only Android Oreo but also Android Oreo (Go edition) for low budget smartphones which does not have much RAM or even a mid-range processor.

In other words, it is developed for a powerful experience for entry-level smartphones. All the Google Applications is built with from new part and can use less resource from smartphone to improve the performance or you can say to give you a better Android experience.

How Android Go Provide better Android Experience or make your smartphone a real smartphone?

There are several improvements done in the Android Go which makes it different from a standard Android available.

Android Go is designed for the smartphone having 512MB and 1GB of RAM. In standard Android, a Google App which occupies 60MB storage while Google Go app occupy 3.88MB only, which means that App size is reduced. Another example is Youtube which is of 24MB now for Android Go is of 9MB only.

Android Go_FoneTimes

According to developers, it takes up to 50 percent less storage space than a standard Android and less pre-installed apps which provides the user more storage space.

A new application is created for Android Go named “Files Go” to help you quickly find files and get rid of any unwanted content.

Not only the size is reduced, they require fewer resources to run and improve the performance of entry-level smartphone by utilizing less processing, RAM, and storage.

Download APK for Android Go

Now first Google Go applications are available, so there is a pack of YouTube Go, Files Go, Google Assistant Go, Gboard Go and Google Go.

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