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Recently, a new smartphone was launched which created a boom in the market at a huge level because of its price as it was launched as the worlds cheapest smartphone by the Ringing Bell Pvt Ltd company and the smartphone was named as Freedom 251 whose price is Rs 251 which is even less than 4$.

freedom 651

Freedom 651

Now, another website has been created by the name Freedom 651 from which the user can buy the smartphone at the price of RS 651. But the reality is that the website is created as a troll for the freedom 251. As earlier was reported that the freedom 251 is no more available to purchase because of the numerously generated request per second on their website. And people are not receiving the confirmation mail about the device which they have ordered.

freedom 651

So, in order to give competition a troll appeared by the name Freedom 651 and a duplicate website is created of freedom 251 by the name of freedom 651 by Doesn’t Ring a Bell. ¬†According to them “The phone is made of components found only on planet MARS. That is the reason we have been able to maintain this low cost. Human beings are expected to reach Mars by 2025. So, once humans are there, we will get all the materials for making this phone. For going to MARS, we have tied up with Standard Fireworks in Sivakasi to make 20 million of their rockets. These rockets, when tied together will be able to get humans to MARS. This is the reason we need the upfront payment of 650 rupees.”

freedom 651

Freedom 251 was launched which was a shock to everyone because no one have ever imagined to have a smartphone at this price but after the failure of its process, freedom 651 trolled arrived which is making totally fun of freedom 251. The points and fact you should remember about freedom 651

  1. It is a troll not the real website which provides the smartphone.
  2. No delivery is going to be done through drones.
  3. Another joke is that delivery will be done after 10 years.
  4. Few more points are also there which states that there is no service center in India and for the service center you need to go to mars.


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