Top 5 Smartphones Under Rs15000

Here is the list of Top 5 Smartphones under Rs 15,ooo, there is always a confusion in the mind of buyer that which smartphone they should buy under the budget of 15K. In the...
htc One M10

Htc One M10 Full specification| Key Features of M10

Technology in smartphones is evolving so fast that you can't even think of what is next and imagination of technology is becoming reality. Soon you will see a new flagship smartphone by HTC which...

Htc One X9 Full Specification

In the upcoming year i.e. 2016, Htc is preparing to launch its new phone HTC One X9 : Pursuit of Brilliance on the basis of rumors in the market. According to our research the phone has...

Samsung Smartphones Debugging Codes

Hey folks, we are back with something amazing which you always missed in your life. This article is basically for Samsung smartphone users who faces many difficulties in using the phone when it start...

How to Check Phone is Refurbished | Identify Refurbished Phones

What is Refurbished? Whenever you buy a new phone from the market whether offline or online it's hard to detect for a normal user whether the phone is new or refurbished. Today we will discuss...
Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 Prime

Latest Phone of Xiaomi to be launched soon | Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 Prime...

Xiaomi is about to launch a new phone in India that is Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 Prime which has great specification. The smartphone will be in the budget of Rs 9,999 which we are expecting...

Xiaomi Mi5 released to be soon at the end of Jan 2016

Xiaomi has given a tough competition to other brands in India. Now, Xiaomi is about to launch a phone Xiaomi Mi5 which will be having higher configuration than the other phones of Xiaomi or...

List of 15 best smartphones under Rs15000 | Budget Phones

You will find several phones in the market in the budget of RS 15k, but we have selected the best 15 smartphones for you under the budget of 15k. Here is the list of...