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clash of lights

You might be thinking why all these many servers of the clash of lights? So, all the Servers are the same and have the same properties and interface.

The only reason behind this, sometimes when a user chooses clash of lights S1 or Clash of Lights S2 and many other users keep coming to it. There is a processing limit up to which it can hold and then you see the connectivity error “Please try again”.

To avoid all these errors the clash of lights is running on a different server to provide you with a good stable game without errors.

If you are the current user or played clash of clans in the past, then you will be familiar that you have to play the game all day to get Gold and Elixir, protect castle and army. But with Clash of lights mod Apkyou do not have to worry about attacking others for loot or collecting from collectors.

Zero Effort to play Clash Of Lights. Why?

Clash of Lights offers an unprecedented gaming experience, where you can enjoy unlimited gems and resources, as well as mods and friendly battles against other players.

Why you need unlimited resources in Clash of Clans?

Clash of lights is a modded APK where you get 2,000,000,000 Gold, 2,000,000,000 Elixir and 1,000,000 Gems. You might be thinking that this does not seems like unlimited gold, elixir, and gems. But wait, there is a limit of keeping them not on having them. When your resources get exhausted you just need to type in global chat “/refill” and again everything will be filled completely.

When you upgrade a building, troop, etc. it takes days to get the upgrade but with these resources, you do not have to wait for it to get the finish. Use them to finish the work instantly and move on to next upgrade.

Why Download Clash Of Lights?

Clash of lights APK is the most popular CoC Modded APK or you can call it CoC Private Server loved by every user.  Every day many users are coming and download clash of lights APK which results in more number of users on a server.

This game is more stable than any other CoC Private Server available. When you plan to upgrade your troops, buildings, etc. it will have the same time as the unmodded clash of clans. but you can use gems to finish it early and restore the gems by using the command shared below.

Is it possible to attack others in Clash of Lights?

Yes, you can go for multiplayer battles without giving any second thought. During the test, an attack has been done on another player for which you can find the screenshot below.

clash of lights

With this Clash of Clans Mod APK, you can get All of the things Free of Cost and Remember this is 100% working.

Download Clash of Lights v10.322.12 APK Town Hall 12 

Below is the link to download clash of clans latest full version for Android.

Download APK

Works on Android

No surveys for download or play and No Mobile subscription for download or play.

Download Clash of Lights APK v9.256.4 S4

Download APK


Clash of Clans Private Server For IOS

If you are looking for ios version of clash of clans private server you are at right place from here you can download COC private server for iOS Devices ( iPhone or iPad).

Clash of Lights

Now open the game, first it starts downloading the content then it starts loading several times don’t worry about that. After it completes all its processing the game starts and now you have to enjoy the Clash of lights Apk.

As Clash of Lights aka Clash of clans private server is a modded APK for the game, it gives you access to all the resources and everything else completely for free. It will certainly revamp the overall gaming experience and you will have enough of everything to progress in the game without any possible delays.

Don’t Just wait for others to tell you about this. Be the first to Download the clash of lights mod Apk


  • Above mentioned “Download APK” is the link to download it.
  • Open the file once downloaded, it will ask you if you want to trust or not unknown sources.
  • If there’s no pop-up about unknown sources and doesn’t allow you to install the APK, please go to settings>security and then turn on unknown sources.
  • Once installed, click on the app, and then enjoy the unlimited resources


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