Comparison between Media Tek And Qualcomm Snapdragon processors


Media Tek Chipsets are always cheaper than Snapdragon’s and we have noticed that these chipsets can deliver better performance and their price is quite less than Qualcomm Snapdragon Processors. But we cannot ignore Snapdragon processors because they are also best in all aspects all over the world and they are more reliable than Media Tek Processors.


In the market there is a tough war between the Snapdragon and Media Tek Processors. We will compare the Snapdragon 615 processor with the Media Tek 6752 Processor on the basis of most popular bench-marking apps Google play store i.e. AnTuTu, Quadrant Standard and Geek Bench 3.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 615, has an Octa-core CPU with 64-bit cores while the Media Tek MT6752 processor second 64-bit SoC, following the MT6732, has started to find its way into budding ‘Flagship’. We have chosen the two most popular smartphones from which one is Xiaomi Mi4i and the other one is Gionee Elife S7 for the bench-marking test. Given below is the┬ácomparison between Media Tek And Qualcomm Snapdragon processors



When the AnTuTu bench-marking app was launched, the Xiaomi Mi4i put up a dialogue box to turn the phone mode from balanced mode to performance mode. The test was done on the performance mode not on the balanced mode. Despite of turning the performance mode on in Xiaomi Mi4i, the Media Tek Mt6752 has the better of the snapdragon 615 processor and the difference was easily visible.

  • Snapdragon 615 :- 37,350
  • Media Tek MT6752:- 44,483


Quadrant Standard

In this test, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 has left the Media Tek MT6752 far behind and the snapdragon 615 was around 1.5x times faster than the MT6752 which was impressive but the problem is with the snapdragon 615 is that will it deliver the performance according to this test constantly as the processor gets heats up very soon after using it less than an hour. It might be a problem but the developers of Snapdragon 615 confirms that the heating of the processor won`t affect the overall performance of the chipset.

  • Snapdragon 615 :- 24,234
  • Media Tek MT6752:- 15,013


Geekbench 3

This is the last benchmark test which will tell us about who wins on the basis of these tests done (best of 3) and the result found was a bit shocking. Again, the MT6752 has left the Snapdragon 615 behind and took a lead towards the winning goal and proved that Taiwanese did a remarkable work on the Media Tek Chipsets. The Media Tek MT6752 has beaten the Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 completely in both the single-core as well as multi-cores test.


  • Snapdragon 615 :-

Single Core – 700

Multi Core – 2,692

  • Media Tek MT6752:- 15,013

Single Core – 813

Multi Core – 4007


More about the Qualcomm and Media Tek Processor.

ChipsetMediaTek MT6589Qualcomm MSM8228Q
Manufacturing process28nm28nm
ArchitectureCortex A7Cortex A5
GPUPowerVR SGX 544Adreno 203
Video Playback1080p720p
Screen resolution1920x1080p1200x800p
Power EfficiencyHighLow
Camera13MP max8MP max

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