Download Latest PlenixClash 9.256.4 APK Private Server COC | 2018 Update!

Updated On: 20/04/2018

PlenixClash has the latest version which is Builder Base as of Clash of Clans.

PlenixClash is a private server for Clash of Clans that provides the unlimited number of coins, gems, and elixir, no waiting time, and much more.

The game has now been updated to version 9.256.4 of Clash of Clans. Builder Base is now activated and Beta Clan Wars are here as well! You can upgrade Builder Hall with new buildings and upgrades! Mods have now been added and it takes no time for a building to be upgraded! Every building now costs 0 Gold/Elixir/Dark Elixir so you’ll not be wasting any Resources at all! The server has now exclusive features so go ahead and install it on your device!

As it is available on a private server so you can have everything for free which you might be thinking to purchase on Clash of Clans by Supercell. You get every resource for free once you start playing the game.


As the game is being hosted on a completely different server so you will see a lot of changes. You can battle with those people who are on the private server only and can form a clan with them. Furthermore, point to remember is that you cannot use the private server to sync any data to your official account.

New PlenixClash In-Built Game Commands

Paste any of the commands you wish in the global chat

  1.  /help – (lists available commands)
  2.  /cut – (clears all obstacles)
  3.  /easy – (maxes your base fully, in builder base too, you need to use it in builder base to upgrade there)
  4.  /upgrade – (maxes everything you currently have to the maxed level)
  5.  /id – (prints your account id)
  6.  /refill – (get max resources, gems, gold, elixir etc)
  7.  /suicidal – (attack your own base)
Below is the link to download clash of clans latest full version for Android.

Download PlenixClash Latest APK 

Download Link Is Placed Inside This Locker – Share To Unlock.

[sociallocker id=7063]

PlenixClash Expired


Please use chrome or firefox to unlock this. Other browsers may give issues.


  • Above mentioned “Download APK” is the link to download it.
  • Open the file once downloaded, You need to UnZip it by using this tool. Download tool to UnZip.
  • After Unzipping the file, it will ask you if you want to trust or not unknown sources.
  • If there’s no pop-up about unknown sources and doesn’t allow you to install the APK, please go to settings>security and then turn on unknown sources.
  • Once installed, click on the app, and then enjoy the unlimited resources.

Launch the PlenixClash and Enjoy. Don’t forget to share, like and subscribe to our social page for more updates.

Neither we promote such activities nor we share such things. PlenixClash is not affiliated with Supercell and is not endorsed, supported or approved by them nor we promote it. This information is being shared only for exploring the new things in Clash of Clans.

For more information and latest news stay tuned with us. 🙂

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