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Xiaomi Inc is a privately owned Chinese electronic company in China whose Founder and CEO is Lei Jun, China’s 23rd richest person according to Forbes. Xiaomi developed its first smartphone in August 2011 which was the first step of Xiaomi towards the success and after that Xiaomi has expanded his arms towards the Asian and European countries market to emerge as a big brand and to have brand value.

According to IDC, China is the third largest smartphone developer electronic company in the world and has taken over Samsung from the smartphone market of the China. Xiaomi was introduce in India in July 2014 and at the end of the December 2014, it became the world’s most valuable smartphone company. Xiaomi launched several smartphone in India like Mi4, Mi4i, Redmi series etc. and a special band for the fitness lovers which can be easily synced with any smartphone.

Xiaomi Mi Fitness Band

Xiaomi Mi Fitness Band will easily understand every steps/move you take and instantly give you the response about it. Xiaomi Mi Band track down your each step when you are walking, shopping, whenever you run or walk it is with you to monitor your calories and give you the details how much steps you have done while walking. The device gets activated after you install the app for the Mi Fitness Band and it get connected with app via Bluetooth. You can wear the Mi Fitness Band on your wrist like a watch but it doesn’t look like it.

Xiaomi Mi Fitness Band

You can easily set your goals and targets to burn your calories (the more you will walk, the more you will burn your calories). Xiaomi Mi Fitness Band also help you in waking up as the device has smart vibration alarm which help you to start your day whenever you want to by waking you up. Mi Fitness Band app also give you a feature available in app with help of which you can share your data, your achieved goals & targets socially with your friends.

Xiaomi Mi Fitness Band

Xiaomi Mi Fitness Band also has a feature to unlock your phone without any password. Your Mi Band can linked with your Mi account which enables you to enhance the security of your smartphone & data in it. If you forgot your password and you are wearing your Mi Fitness Band then you just need to swipe on the screen and the phone will get unlocked. If someone else try to unlock your phone then he/she need a password as a regular way to unlock the phone.

Xiaomi Mi Fitness Band

Some smartphones may don’t have louder incoming call volume/ loud speaker due to which you generally miss the calls. But with Xiaomi Mi Fitness Band you will not miss even a single call because whenever someone calls you the Mi Fitness Band on your wrist will vibrate gently to alert you about the calls. Even if you stuck in rain and water falls on your Mi Fitness Band then don’t get panic because it’s certified IP67 water resistance. You can wear the band on your wrist in several color options available.

Xiaomi Mi Fitness Band

Xiaomi MI Fitness Band

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