Google’s Android N Developer Preview | Key Features and Details


Google,  the American multinational technology company is behind the masterpiece OS which is Android (a mobile operating system), based on the Linux kernel and designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Google has also developed Android TV for televisions, Android Auto for cars, and Android Wear for wrist watches, each with a specialized user interface. Variants of Android are also used on notebooks, game consoles, digital cameras, and other electronics.

Android has the largest installed base of all operating systems of any kind. Few months ago Google launched its new Operating system for the mobile devices which was named Marshmallow and was a Android v6.0 .It was unveiled in May 2015 at Google I/O under the codename “Android ‘M'” and then after few months it was officially released in October 2015.

Android N (Nutella)

Android N first released as a developer preview on March 9, 2016, with factory images for current Nexus devices, as well as a new “Android Beta Program” which allows supported devices to be upgraded directly to the Android “N” beta via over-the-air update and final Android N public release to AOSP and OEMs, planned for Q3 2016.

Features of Andorid N Developer Preview

Multi-Window Support

Android N added new features which is mostly loved by every user as it helps them during their multi tasking. The new version of Android support for displaying more than one app at the same time which means you will be able to run and see two apps side-by-side or one-above-the-other in split-screen mode. You can also resize the size of any app you are using during multi-window by just adding a bar between them. TV devices which supports Android will also be able to put apps in picture-in-picture mode, which facilitates the user to continue viewing the content while the user browses or interacts with other apps as well at the same time.

Android N

Notification Panel

Several new things and functions are included in the Android N which makes the new version of Android far better than anyone till now and it is just the preview, it will expand more in the upcoming days. New APIs are added to Android N which allow the applications to post notifications that are highly visible and interactive. It has whole new feature which is Direct Reply, which helps users to quickly respond to text messages. On the notification you get the option of reply and once you click on reply button, a keyboard appears at the same time without moving to app and you can reply instantly from the notification panel. You can also archive or snooze that notification.

Android N

Background Optimizations

Optimizations is important to make any smartphone or any device to work more efficiently by using less resources and consuming less amount of power. Some background processes are generally memory-and battery-intensive specially at the time of high-intensive gaming and during the other tasks, so apps are also optimized to run on low-memory devices which can improve performance and user experience. Android N Developer Preview takes steps to reduce some of these issues. Doze was launched in Marshmallow whose main aim is to save battery when the device is in stationary situation and now in N as well, Doze saves much more battery as compared to previous after more developed, whenever the screen turns off.

Data Saver

Maximum users are using the internet and for which they have to recharge their data card from time to time as it is widely used for social networking, searches and much more. In order to save the access of flow of data in terms of blocks background data usage,  signals apps, foreground data, N Developer Preview has got the feature named Data Saver by which users can enable Data Saver on a device-wide basis in order to use less data, whether roaming, at the end of data pack and many other situations. User need to go to the settings to enable Data Saver on the device Users can white-list specific apps to allow background metered data usage even when Data Saver is turned on.

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Another Features

It has also got features like Direct Boot, enhanced support for multilingual users, allowing them to select multiple locales in settings, Scoped Directory Access which provides access to the external storage easily providing targeted directory access for apps likes photography apps.

Android N

Several new things and functions are included in the Android N which makes the new version of Android far better than anyone till now and it is just the preview, it will expand more in the upcoming days. This initial preview release is for developers only and not intended for daily use or consumer use.

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