Lenovo is Making First Phone with Google’s Project Tango

Google's Project Tango

Lenovo and Google team up to develop first phone based on Google’s Project Tango. It was officially announced at the CES 2016, Las Vegas. Google’s Project Tango was unveiled nearly two years ago and now the time has arrived that from the experiment it is going to be reality.

Google’s Project Tango combines 3D motion tracking with depth sensing to give your mobile device the ability to know where it is and how it moves through space. Project Tango adds depth as well as a bunch of sensors to your device’s camera and brings Motion Tracking, Depth Perception, and Area to mobile devices.

Google's Project Tango

Another news that came out about this is that the phone will be coming it this summers and will have a price of 500$ and the smartphone will having “display size less than 6.5 inches” which is said by Lenovo and Google. More information and news soon will fall in the bucket and then you will get that first whenever any news arrives about it.

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