Lenovo K4 Note Launch Today | Key Features Of K4 Note


Lenovo is unveiling its new smartphone K4 Note which is the successor of K3 Note which was released last year. This time K4 is much more improvised smartphone coming up with new features.

Lenovo K4 Note

Better display:

K3 Note was having full-HD display while K4 Note will have a new display technology for better viewing experience with better resolution.

As they have mentioned in a tweet “When is a display more than just a sum of its pixels?Get ready to thrill your senses with the K4 Note#KillerNote2016”

RAM capacity:

Lenovo India did a polling last month to give the users a freedom to poll for the RAM. Most of the people voted for higher RAM capacity and Lenovo decided to include 3GB RAM in K4 Note. Earlier in K3 Note, RAM size was only 2GB.

Lenovo K4 Note


Lenovo K4 Note will have a metal frame and metallic body to give the smartphone a premium and rich look while Lenovo’s K3 Note comes with a generic plastic body.

Added Key features:

Another polling was done by Lenovo on Twitter for the security purpose. They have provided the four options and people voted the most for Fingerprint Sensor and after that Lenovo has given the confirmation about it and also a bonus with it that the K4 Note will boast NFC (Near Field Communication) to transfer data faster wireless faster than Bluetooth.

Lenovo K4 Note

The fingerprint sensor is present just below the rear camera and adjacent to rear camera they have provided a flash light for capturing quality picture in low light also.


Lenovo K4 Note will have dual speakers at the front.

“When is audio more than just a sum of its decibel levels? Get ready to take centre-stage with the K4 Note‬.” said by Lenovo India

Rumors also say that Lenovo K4 Note will have microSD card slot with help of which you can expand the memory and will have internal memory of 16 GB.


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