YouTube will soon support HDR Video format


Robery Kyncl, the company’s chief business officer announced at CES 2016 that a new platform will be soon introduced on YouTube to watch videos which is HDR (High Dynamic Range). It is also available in the latest smartphones and TV’s.

It works similarly to smartphone camera which has HDR features and with help of it take a series of photos in which multiple exposures are combined into a single frame. HDR basically improves the color and details of a video and image.

Many other companies are trying to bring this technology in TV and with the HDR the viewing experience will get improvised and you will get amazed by its color and quality. To watch a video in HDR, the device and the display should be HDR supported and the videos is shot in HDR mode only.

Now, this innovation is going to be brought by YouTube for enhancing the viewing capabilities and will be introduced soon in YouTube.

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