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MiroClash is one of the most popular CoC Private Server and much more stable than any other. Now MiroClash is with Latest Town Hall. If you are not aware of what is Miro Clash then you must look at this amazing content and read the complete article.

If you are looking for one of the best clash of clans private servers then among most Miroclash is one of the best private servers for CoC, even they have a private server for clash of royale. Miro clash is running on a high-performance server and has security patches so you can get better performance.

All new Modded Clash of Clans…In this, you can have unlimited gems and gold, which can be used to upgrade and purchase troops. In the modified Coc by MiroClash, you can train countless troops and build as many buildings as you wish.

The MiroClash private server is totally different from Clash of Lights and Null’s Clash. In the game, You can train heroes like King, Queen, and Grand Worden as troops and use them while attacking. Not only heroes can be trained, but there is also the hero of builder base who can be trained as a troop and can be used while attacking. The upgrade cost of an upgrade or a built of any building is free, which means you can instantly build and upgrade any building, it does not need a time of upgrading buildings.

Clash of Clans th12

So, if you want to explore and go beyond the limits to know about the troop’s capacity and everything then you must try this MiroClash APK. This is very stable and with negligible bugs which won’t affect your gaming.

In this modded Clash of Clans, you can train as many troops as you want and even build as many buildings as you want.

miroclash apk

Join a clan and chat with your friends, clanmates and you can even challenge them and destroy their bases. According to the information, this server gets updates once a week

Miro Clash is a custom mod Clash of Clans server, So Download APK and Enjoy! In this APK, you will have Builders Hall as well in which you can have multiple defenses and an army.

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Added Town Hall which itself is now a defensive structure capable of self-defending. If an opponent so much as scratches the paint, the Giga Tesla will emerge. The bigger brother of the Tesla family of defenses, the Giga Tesla fires beams of electricity at its attackers, doing lots of damage in retaliation for ruining its pristine paint palate.


  • Upgrade to Town Hall 15 and fight back against attackers in novel ways!
  • Build and use Siege Machines to break through the toughest of defenses
  • New troop, new levels, increased rewards, and much, much more!

So, you just need to download the MiroClash APK and install it on your Android device. If you like this article about the modded Clash of Clans having unlimited gems and gold. Share it so others can also have the same APK and you will have more options for an online battle.

Miro Clash APK-FoneTimes

Also, don’t forget to check out the other well-known APK( Clash of Lights and Clash of Souls). Share in the comments what you have felt about this game and what other game you like to play.

Download Miro Clash APK Private Server 2023


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  1. Above mentioned “Download APK” is the link to download it.
  2. Open the file once downloaded, it will ask you if you want to trust or not unknown sources. Please allow them to install the app.
  3. If there’s no pop-up about unknown sources and doesn’t allow you to install the APK, please go to settings>security and then turn on unknown sources.
  4. Once installed, click on the app, and then enjoy the unlimited resources.

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