How to Check Phone is Refurbished | Identify Refurbished Phones

What is Refurbished?

Whenever you buy a new phone from the market whether offline or online it’s hard to detect for a normal user whether the phone is new or refurbished. Today we will discuss how to Check Phone is Refurbished phone or not. It is about the awareness of the customer towards the product they are buying and from where they are buying.

When a customer buys a new smartphone and if they find any fault/factory defect in it, in that case generally the product is sent back to the company. When a company receives the defective products sent back by the customers, company repairs them and again send them back to the sellers for resale. Once the product is repaired by the company and sent back to the seller for resale in Factory Refurbished Batch, those products available in the market are called Refurbished Products or Refurbished Smartphones.

How To Check Your Android Phone Is Refurbished Or Factory New?

There are several ways to check the android phone is refurbished or not. These methods may work only on some named brands like LG, Samsung, Htc etc. These methods may not work on Chinese brands available in the market. Read the full article to know more about it.

Step 1

  1. Before Starting close every application on your phone
  2. Open the dialer to use it
  3. Now type ##786# or *#*#786#*#* ( it will automatically dial, don’t press any other buttons).
  4. It will take you to the RTN screen.


Step 2

  1. Now you will see two options on the RTN screen.
  2. Click on the View section


Step 3

  1. Now Scroll down to the Reconditioned status.
  2. Here you will see out of two possible entries.

>>>>Yes : Your Phone is refurbished.

>>>>No : Your phone is a New one.


Note : Follow the steps carefully to get the result. A small mistake can damage your phone’s memory.

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