Top Free Video Conferencing Apps for Android and iOS

Video Conferencing Apps? Most of the people were not aware of that term before the Covid-19. But the present situation is different and users have started looking for the type of applications which are free and with help of which they can connect to other people.

In this article, you will find the list of the application which are free to use and some basic features about them. Though there are many Video Conferencing Apps and we have found some application which provides good quality video even at low bandwidth.

We are not rating them or ranking them, they are listed here randomly and you can use them without any hesitation. Without further wasting more time below are the Video Conferencing Apps which you are gonna love.

Best Free Video Conferencing Apps

  1. Cisco Webex: Cisco is a renowned company in the field of Networking which holds many domains like Security, Collaboration, surveillance, etc. As some of you might be aware that Cisco has Webex which is a big part of the collaboration and now they are providing it for free.

Cisco Webex Meetings

What are the features that are provided free in the application for a new account?

  • Host up to 100 participants
  • 50 minute limit on meetings
  • Connect audio over your computer (VoIP)
  • Desktop, application, file & whiteboarding screen sharing
  • Unlimited number of meetings

You can read more about the application and trial period here: Cisco Webex App

Download Cisco Webex Meetings

2. GoToMeeting: It is another known platform for Video conferencing which is providing the user to create the trial account valid for 14 days only. Though you can have up to 250 participants in a meeting which is an added benefit of it.

video conferencing

What’s included with GoToMeeting Free?

  • Host 40-minute meetings
  • Screen sharing and Webcam support
  • Broadcast a view of your desktop or a specific application on Mac, iPhone, or Android. Plus meet face-to-face with full webcam support.
  • Crystal clear VoIP audio. The talk is cheap. It’s free. There’s no charge for great audio.
  • Includes 14 days of GoToMeeting Business for unlimited meetings with up to 250 participants.
  • Mobile and browser-based meetings
  • It’s easy to have 1-click meetings on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or the GoToMeeting mobile app for iOS and Android.
  • Chat throughout the meeting

Download GoToMeeting

Need more option of Video Conferencing Apps? Then check the below listed.

3. Lifesize Video Conferencing: This one is most interesting as they are providing a free account for the next 6-month during this pandemic time. There are more features like creating unlimited users, creating unlimited One-time meetings, etc.

Why they are proving the account free for such a long time?

In response to the global health crisis caused by the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), an increasing number of companies and organizations globally are prioritizing the health and safety of their personnel by limiting business travel and encouraging employees to work from home.,

To support organizations’ efforts to keep employees connected and productive, Lifesize is currently offering 6 months free video conferencing service to any organization, business, NGO or government agency in more than 100 countries


Lifesize Free Account Features

  • Unlimited meetings
  • Unlimited meeting duration
  • Host up to 25 participants
  • Personal meeting room
  • Native desktop & mobile apps
  • Every video call encrypted by default to the highest standards
  • 128bit AES in flight, 256bit AES at rest
  • Call your favorite contacts by name or invite guests to your meeting link in seconds
  • Online support

Download Lifesize

4. ZOOM Cloud Meetings: Zoom was in news for a long time because of a security flaw and from that point onwards it gains more popularity.

Though it was a negative side of Zoom still it became popular worldwide. They are on the same track where everyone is providing a free account.


Zoom has announced it will provide end-to-end encryption after facing a litany of privacy and security concerns – but only to users who pay for it.

  • Host up to 100 participants
  • Unlimited 1 to 1 meeting
  • 40 mins limit on group meetings
  • Unlimited number of meetings
  • Ticket Support
  • Active speaker view
  • Virtual Background
  • Personal room or meeting ID
  • Instant or scheduled meetings

Download Zoom

4. JioMeet: After releasing many Jio products on various platforms now Reliance appeared with JioMeet a new video conferencing app.

JioMeet is free right now and comes with features such as video calls with up to 100 participants, screen-sharing, scheduled meetings, etc.

Video Conferencing Apps

  • Meeting in HD Audio and Video quality
  • Create instant meeting and start inviting friends
  • Schedule a meeting in advance and share meeting details with invitees
  • Active Speaker view layout
  • Unlimited Meetings per day
  • Each meeting can go uninterrupted up to 24hrs
  • Each meeting is password protected
  • The host can enable ‘Waiting Room’ to ensure no participant joins without permission
  • Create Groups and start calling/chatting on single click
  • Share Screen and start collaborating

Download JioMeet

Do let us know what you think about these Video Conferencing Apps and if you want any other Video Conferencing apps to be added in the list.

For more information, the latest news and updates stay tuned to us. 😊

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